Stocking up

Our Fridge

Happy Tuesday!

When I got back from New Jersey on Sunday night (I guess technically it was early Monday morning) the last few remaining items in our fridge were: 3 cans of miller lite, butter, milk, and three eggs. I thought, “maybe it’s time to make a grocery run.”

We’ve cleared out the bad…time to stock up on the goods. I decided to go to my new favorite sanctuary, Costco. My GOD that place has everything. I want to mention how impressed I was with Costco’s produce section. Maybe it doesn’t take a lot to impress me in this category, I don’t really know. But being able ot buy a 3 lb bag of broccoli and 5 DOZEN eggs each for just $5 – well that’s my kind of place. After my rendezvous there, I had to stop at Fred Meyer (think Hy-Vee or Safeway or Shop Rite on CRACK) for a couple of items that I didn’t feel like purchasing enough of for a small country.

Here was my shopping list yesterday to get us started for the week:

  • pineapple
  • strawberries
  • zucchini*
  • green grapes
  • cherry tomatoes
  • onions*
  • green onion*
  • broccoli
  • mixed peppers
  • eggs
  • avocados*
  • chicken*
  • almonds

*things I bought at Fred Meyer

You might be thinking, “Where did the rest of the meat in the freezer come from?” We were BEYOND lucky that R’s mom sent him out here with some quality meet from Edgewood Locker in Iowa. I will be trying to plan as many meals as I can around the items that we have in the freezer first – so stay tuned for that.

Later today I will post recipes and pictures for our two “go-to” meals we made yesterday for the week: egg bake and avocado chicken salad.


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