Some new supplies

By this point, I have read through about 142,367,879 different paleo recipes – some more complicated than others. While I have always been intrigued by cooking and different, more unique, recipes – I am making a point to try and keep things as simple as possible. I want to be realistic with our meal plans…yea it would be awesome to cook a full chicken and do this and that with it…but, that ain’t gonna happen. ANYWAY, through reading these recipes I have found that people are using a couple of different tools/utensils to make their paleo adventures as easy as possible. So I obviously went and bought my own, because I want to be as awesome as everyone else out there preparing their paleo-style meals each day.

SO…after a trip to target (which is seriously WAY too close to our apartment, literally I could walk there) and a purchase order on Amazon – I am pretty pleased with the kitchen set up that we have going on. (I think I left out that R’s mom, once again, really hooked us up with basically EVERYTHING else we could ever need in the kitchen – so amazing.)

1. CALENDAR (this is a MUST HAVE for planning weekly meals/corresponding shopping lists, and I really do love a good dry erase board)






This week’s dinner menu: (recipes to follow)

  • Tuesday: Grilled pork chops and pineapple rings with roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli
  • Wednesday: Sausage and peppers with zucchini and tomato ratatouille
  • Thursday: LEFTOVERS!
  • Friday: Chicken kebabs
  • Saturday: Farmer’s Market pick (I’m thinking grilled chicken or fish and whatever awesome vegetables we can find!)
  • Sunday: Either leftovers or we will think of something else! (Sunday is the shopping/cooking day for us)

2. Chopper (say good bye to almost slicing my fingers off every time that damn onion slips!!!!!)












3. Julienne Peeler (HELLLLLLLO ZOODLES! – zucchini noodle look-a-likes)







4. Salad spinner (R and I have been wanting one of these SO badly – we will definitely be making some savings buying heads of lettuce instead of the pre cut/washed bags)










5. Teapot (coffee is ok-ed for paleo, BUT you have to drink it black… UH, NO THANKS! tea it is for me!)












Now I feel prepared to conquer the world of paleo living!!! (Until next week when I find a new recipe, with a new tool that I just HAVE to buy…) Recipes from last night will be posted later this afternoon – both were SUPER easy and more importantly DELISH!


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