We survived…


And to my surprise, it wasn’t really that bad. (Minus the headaches I had all weekend, not unbearable and honestly not even sure that it was related to our diet, but annoying nonetheless.) Let me give you a little run down of our schedule, since I am sure you are just dying to know what we did every minute of our weekend. Friday night: dinner and a movie. Saturday: Delicious sweet potato hash for breakfast (recipe coming), Portland’s Saturday Market (bought a spoon rest for the stove AND had a fruit cup), leftovers for lunch, and turkey burgers with salad for dinner. Sunday: omelets for breakfast, FOOD SHOPPING!!! (Costco and Target), bought a FISH! (Herk), leftover turkey burgers for lunch, prepared our “go-to” meals for the week (avocado chicken salad and egg bake…again), spaghetti squash with turkey meatballs and homemade tomato sauce for din din.

After writing this, I realize that a lot of our weekend revolved around cooking and/or eating. Sounds pretty similar to my life before paleo too… BUT keeping a schedule of eating is really important for not getting stuck in a situation where you are hungry and there is nothing you can eat! Example: we knew the Saturday market was going to have A LOT of tempting foods, and it did, but we ate lunch before we went and decided that we would munch on some fresh fruit while we walked around. Something else I learned this weekend – going to Costco on Sunday is the stupidest thing we could ever do while we are still “craving” all of our old foods, the reason? IT’S SAMPLE DAY – DUH!!!! God I felt like an idiot, because I KNEW that – but it totally slipped my mind. Anyway, we had a list so we were in and out fairly quickly and fairly near our budget (which ALWAYS makes me happy).

We plan on making our weekends about outdoor adventures while it is still nice enough. I think the PSU Farmers Market and Multnomah Falls are on the agenda for this weekend.

Sick of listening (reading…whatever) to me? Well in case you are, and in hopes that you will keep coming back to check things out, I will get into the recipes from the weekend.


Turkey Burger

Ground turkey (1 lb got us 6 palm sized burgers)

Chopped carrots  (1 cup)

Chopped red onion (1 cup)

Chopped green onion (1/2 cup)

Mix ingredients, form into patties and GRILL!


Ours had tomatoes, broccoli, green/red pepper, onion, spinach


Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

1 large sweet potato (diced)

15-20 cherry tomatoes  (halved)

1 cup red onion (chopped)

1 cup green pepper (chopped)

1 cup red pepper (chopped)

1 cup spinach (chopped)

6 eggs (scrambled in a separate pan)

Cook all ingredients (besides eggs) in one pan, once the eggs are done add them to the skillet with the vegetables and ENJOY! (With Cholula of course)


2 thoughts on “We survived…

  1. OMG dear, If I had known those old Corelle dishes were to be featured on a blog, I would have refused to let R ship them out there. My family used those as one of our everyday sets while I was growing up. I did offer to buy him two boxes of new dinnerware to take along. In his defense, he did have a concern for taking brand new furnishings to move around the next few years. I know he was being smart and wise, but since I love dishware and tablecloths, etc. I’m feeling like a negletful Mom for not sending something more stylish.
    R’s Mom

    • I love them! And agree with your lovely son that we probably should wait until we are not moving around to get a new set. I have been meaning to send you an email, but I really cannot believe all of the things we were given for the kitchen – it is amazing and makes all of this cooking A LOT easier!

      P.S. The ham was delicious tonight!

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