Full week’s worth of shopping

This will be a short little post, but I am making it a point to lay out our meals for the week on Sunday before we do any grocery shopping. Not only does this make it easier for me throughout the week, but it makes our trip to Costco a little more…um…organized? I could get lost in that place for days. Not to mention that they sell LITERALLY EVERYTHING. So staying on track, to ensure we stay on our budget, is really crucial. (Also, like I mentioned – those damn sample stands were everywhere so knowing what aisles I needed to go down helped me avoid them and their gosh darn snacks)

This week’s menu: (Sorry if the image is too small)


  • Monday: Leftover spaghetti squash (we got a little crazy and threw some broccoli in with the leftovers..WHAT?!?!?!)
  • Tuesday: Chicken fajita salads w/ salsa and guac (salsa is Whole30 approved if there is no added sugar or other “no-no” ingredients)
  • Wednesday: Turkey asian lettuce wraps w/ steamed green beans
  • Thursday: Leftovers
  • Friday: Roasted citrus chicken w/ steamed green beans and salad
  • Saturday: Paleo Shepherd’s Pie
  • Sunday: Baked ham w/ pineapple and veggies

And our Costco trip went a little something like this…




Chicken Breasts

Ground Turkey

Nectarines (snack)





Raspberries (snack)

Blueberries (snack)

Green beans (frozen)


I will admit, a couple of items weren’t on the list – I am referring to the fruit – but we did plan on deciding on the fruit when we got there. Ok??? So give me a break!!!! I also want to mention that eating paleo is COMPLETELY do-able, even on a budget. We spent $100 this week on food, but that is for 42 (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??) meals. That comes out to $2.38/meal – a lot cheaper than any eating out option by far. So when people say eating healthy is more expensive, yes – I agree. However, if you are smart about it and make a plan – it can certainly be done on a budget. Just my two cents about that, which I am sure you wanted.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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