Buffalo?? Kale??

We knew it was going to happen sometime. There was going to be a meal that was a big, fat, FAIL. Maybe I am being dramatic, we ate it still. But it will not be on the menu again, I can promise you that.

Let me start this off by saying that R and I got a little adventurous at the Farmer’s Market when we bought the buffalo meat. I left out in the FM post that the buffalo meat we bought was advertised as “paleo”…so, we asked what that meant and honestly I wish I wouldn’t have. Apparently, the paleo title meant that there was organ meat mixed in with it. Very healthy. Very disgusting for me to think about. But for some reason I was trying to be cool? And we bought it anyway. I just kept pretending I hadn’t heard the guy explain it.

Well, we made it for dinner last night – mixed in some green onions, chopped jalapeños, and celery salt and grilled those babies up.

Then I thought to myself, why only try one thing that you aren’t sure if you’ll like when you can try TWO?! Cue the kale and green bean sauté. I just don’t think I cooked the kale right, I didn’t read any directions (stupid) and it tasted..how do I put this…literally like leaves.

ANYWAY – not going to go into the recipes anymore than that since I don’t think I sold them very well, haha. I am hoping tonight’s meal goes a little better. Cross your fingers for us!


On another note, our sorbet swirl watermelon really saved the day!



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