Adventures in Portland

Okay, this hiatus has gone on long enough. I swear, one second it’s Friday and the next it’s Tuesday. What the heck is going on? This weekend was really great though, the weather was perfect (like literally, PERFECT) – mid 70’s and sunny without a cloud in the sky! So R and I took some time to explore some places that are on our “List of Things to Do In Portland”. (I will let you go ahead and guess who made this list…)

I know this post doesn’t have any food recipes – but my next one will. And a big part of being able to be successful with the Paleo lifestyle, at least in my opinion, is finding new activities to do outside of our “norm”. “Norm” being things that involve eating or drinking, which I am embarrassed to say is a lot of things I do with my free time apparently. (Or at least USED TO!)

So here are some pics of our adventures this past weekend! It was key for us to plan ahead though – don’t want to get stuck out on a lake 2 hours from home and become starving maniacs and have to scour through the local general store for something Paleo approved. So we packed nectarines and almonds for each trip (and obviously our camelbacks FULL of water – keeping hydrated!)


On Saturday we left early in the morning and drove about an hour East to Elowah Falls. We took two different hikes – one to the top of the falls and one to the bottom. We ended up doing a little over 3.5 miles, got a little sweat going and some great pictures!

image-43 image-42 image-66 image-65 image-62 image-61 image-60 image-59 image-55 image-58 image-53 image-51 image-50 image-44 image-49






















































Sunday we took a little longer drive, which was about 2 and 1/2 hours, out to Lost Lake. This place was said to have an amazing view of Mt. Hood, and they were right (whoever they are). The lake was about 30 miles off the main road, hence the name “lost” lake, but once we got there we rented a peddle boat and enjoyed a couple of hours out on the water. (Listening to some nice jams while we floated along).

image-64 image-41 image-57 image-54 image-48 image-47 image-45





















We were definitely exhausted by the time we got home on Sunday, but still had to plan our meals for the week – especially since I had my first day of nannying (6 AM – 6 PM) on Monday. We decided to stick with ground turkey meals this week – I will be posting ALLLLLL about that in a little bit.

Hope you didn’t mind me using this post to talk about our weekend 🙂 It was just too fun not to share!

Enjoy your Tuesday and look out for the rest of our meal plan!


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