It’s hilarious that last week I was mocking myself for not posting our meals until Tuesday, and here I am doing it on Wednesday – gosh, this is getting out of hand!

We have done REALLY well in the past couple of weeks with making sure that we are using every item we have in the fridge and freezer so that things don’t go bad. With that being said, we have pretty much emptied our freezer supply of meat … SO instead of buying a bunch of different kinds this week, I just grabbed a 6.5 lb package of ground turkey while I was at Costco and figured I would just base my meals around that. I have some go – to’s, but figured it was an easy (and decently cheap) way to get a week’s worth of meals off of one purchase.


  • image-72Monday – Spaghetti Squash Goulash
  • Tuesday – Paleo Stuffed Peppers
  • Wednesday- Monday Leftovers!
  • Thursday – Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps (again…!)
  • Friday – Turkey meatballs w/ Zoodles (combo of two other meals we have had)
  • Saturday – Pinapple Brats w/ grilled peppers and onions and steamed broccoli
  • Sunday – I am craving some seafood … I might splurge for scallops!!!

I also bought a 3 lb bag of broccoli at Costco…so that will probably just get made every day until that’s gone too. We are still doing eggs and veggies/fruit for breakfast and “Cobb” salads or leftovers for lunch. My go to snack is usually a handful of almonds or a nectarine. I cannot believe we are already in week four – 22 days into paleo and 24 days without drinking… almost half way through and we are looking good and feeling great!


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