Paleo Stuffed Peppers

When I see recipes titled “Paleo _____ “, I am starting to be able to easily know what items are left out and what things are added instead to bulk it up. Not that this is a really cool trait or anything, just thought I would share. So, when I saw a recipe for Paleo Stuffed Peppers I figured that it would obviously be without rice (or any grain) and without cheese. I am a HUGE fan of stuffed peppers – typically I went down the mexican route and used corn, black beans, tomatoes, onion, chicken or turkey and mexican cheese. BUT I can only use three of those ingredients now, so I figured I would check in on what some other people were doing.

I got this recipe from and followed it pretty much to the T. I am not going to bother writing out the whole thing, because I think you should check out this guy’s blog – he has some other good posts too. But I will say that I thought they were absolutely DELICIOUS!

image-73After we stuffed our faces with these peppers, R and I went to see the new movie Jobs with Ashton Kutcher. (Tuesday nights at our local theater tickets are 5 buckaroos, always lookin’ for a bargain) Let me first tell you that R and I LOVE movie theater popcorn – if you don’t, you’re crazy. And we USED to be the kind of people who would order a cherry coke to wash down that popcorn… well, NOT NO MORE!!!! Last night we went to the movies with two tupperware containers (one for each of us) with frozen grapes and our water bottles. We did sort of have to run past the concession stands so that we didn’t falter from the plan, but our grapes were delicious and the movie was pretty good too!

I would suggest watching the Jobs documentary that is on HBO before you go to the movie though. I liked that I had a little more insight to some of the happenings that they were portraying in the movie. And who doesn’t like to see a little bit of our Iowan celebrity Ashton Kutcher????

ANYWAY – this is my last post for today, I am sure you are thanking your lucky stars. I promise I will get better at posting once a day so you don’t have to play catch-up with my exciting life!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


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