4 weeks

I cannot believe what I am about to tell you…

IT HAS BEEN FOUR WEEKS SINCE I HAVE HAD A DRINK, or grains, or dairy, or legumes. 

I really can’t believe it, but I am so happy that we decided to do this. R and I are both really feeling the effects and seeing some changes in our physical appearances. For example, R used to have at least a cup of coffee every day – but he hasn’t had to have coffee (or even tea) in over a week! Our bodies are changing and it’s for the better. Here’s to being healthier!

Anyway, now that I got that out of my system… I want to tell you about my favorite meal that we have made so far. I don’t know exactly why I loved it so much. Maybe because it was kind of along the lines of comfort food, or because it had a nice little touch of tang to it, or because it was my three favorites – quick, easy and delicious. REGARDLESS – try this recipe, it will not disappoint.

Paleo Sloppy Joe’s (click the link to be directed to recipe from Stir it Up)

Here are some changes/additions I decided to make:

  • Substituted ground turkey for ground chuck
  • Used coconut oil to cook the meat instead of kerrygold butter
  • Added an additional 2-3 T of mustard (I love mustard and I was excited because I didn’t realize we could use the kind we had in our fridge … check the ingredient list before doing this!!)
  • Used a can of diced tomatoes instead of tomato sauce (I had an open can in the fridge that I wanted to use)
  • Skipped the stevia
  • Added these spices: arrowroot, ground mustard and some crushed red pepper


We paired it with steamed broccoli and mashed sweet potato. (I can’t remember if I have already mentioned this – but incase you don’t know, actual sweet potatoes are a white-ish color while YAMS are the orange one)

Mashed Sweet Potatoes (simple)

  1. Peel and cube 1 large sweet potato
  2. Place in a pot of water and bring to a boil
  3. Let boil/cook (making sure the pot doesn’t overflow) until you can easily pierce the pieces with a fork
  4. Drain the water and add 1-2 T of coconut oil and mash away!
  5. Add salt/pepper to taste

We made this meal on Friday, and it made A LOT. (Again, another plus) So last night, instead of cooking up something else, we decided to stuff some left over peppers we had with the remaining sloppy joe filling. We just baked those for about 25 minutes and again steamed some broccoli. I have to say, since I liked the sloppy joe stuff so much – I preferred that in the pepper’s than the actual stuffed pepper filling we made previously in the week.

This weekend has been pretty low key for us. The company I work for (College Sitter Contact, Inc.) has been working really hard over the past year to get a new site developed and designed so that we can better serve our users. And the weekend is FINALLY here that we are working on the final steps and testing so I had to be able to be by my computer/phone pretty much at all times. We did manage to watch all three Christian Bale Batman movies though – god they are so good.

One thing that I have NOT been hating this weekend has been breakfast in bed. 🙂 R is one of those people that the second his eyes open he can eat breakfast. I never used to be like that, I actually really disliked that. BUT now with eating dinner at like 6 or 7 and not really snacking at all, I too find myself hungry whenever it is we wake up. (Usually at the crack of dawn for some god forsaken reason.) BUT I digress… This past week (and weekend) I/we have been doing omelets (disclaimer – the picture below looks more like scrambled eggs) with whatever veggies we have on hand and throwing some bacon in there. Quite delicious – especially with a side of some nectarine! (One of my new favorites thanks to R!)


Also, I have been keeping up on my running! Today’s run will be the 4th day of week two. Making strides!



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