Steaks on Steaks

So you may have looked at this week’s meal plan and thought to yourself…that’s weird – they are having steak?

I cannot tell you the last time I bought red meat. It’s totally allowed, and actually suggested, on the paleo plan – I just never feel comfortable cooking it. And if I ever had a recipe that called for some kind of ground beef, I usually would substitute ground turkey or chicken. (I did just have a little memory lapse that we had ground chuck in the chili a couple of weeks ago, but still that was given to us – so I am okay on the whole saying I haven’t bought any thing haha.) Anyway, I don’t have anything against it – hey, I lived in Iowa long enough to be know a good steak when I see one (especially when it comes with a heaping side of mashed potatoes and some delicious sweet corn) but I’ll say it again, for some reason I just never think of making it.

In hopes that we could liven up the menu this week, we thought we should branch out on the proteins (meat) we were buying at the store. Our plan was to get shrimp and steaks at Costco and make a few different meals based off of those. Then, we saw the price tags and had to readjust this so-called “plan”. (Mental note to self – there is no reason to buy seafood at Costco when you are cooking for 2 people.. DUH!) We decided to just choose one and figure out what we were doing for the rest of the week later on, so we bought a package of 6 decently sized steaks (I can’t even remember what the actual cut was, I just told R to pick the one he wanted). We also bought another 6 lbs of ground turkey…we really can’t get enough of the stuff. So we will be set until the weekend at least! (Mental not for you – you are going to be eating A LOT of meat/protein if you go paleo, don’t be afraid of it!)

Sunday night we just grilled up the steaks by themselves with some veggies and got comfy on the couches while watching Breaking Bad and Newsroom. But last night, we made steak kebabs to jazz it up a little! Simple “recipe”, just peppers and onions. Well I was supposed to put mushrooms on too BUT I forgot so we just put them all on a different skewer. For those of you who know me – I do NOT like mushrooms. I keep trying them and keep hating them. Yesterday was not an exception to that. We also bought a gigantic thing of seasoned salt at Costco and used that to season. Served it up with a salad (tomatoes, cucumbers and olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing) and VIOLA!

image-75Another side note – I love having leftovers in the fridge. They are easy and you can recreate meals to be just a TAD different so you don’t get bored (i.e. steak vs. kebabs). So we had lettuce wraps last week and still had some of the filling in the fridge. I decided yesterday (Monday) that we either needed to eat it or we were going to throw it away. So I took the container with me to the house I nanny at (and threw a head of lettuce in my bag) and at lunch, instead of having this semi-messy lunch I turned it into a salad!

All I did was chop up the lettuce, warm up the filling, chop a tomato and spritzed it with olive oil (using the MISTO – omg I want one SOOOO BAD!) Tasty, simple and QUIET so that I didn’t wake up my little buddy!

image-74We are having the last of our steak tonight. I think I might run to the store and see if I can snag some new veggies that are on sale or something… I’m thinking zucchini and carrots. I’ll let you know what happens! I’m sure you will just be clicking the refresh button until you find out!


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