Da Weekend

Sunday night already? Where does the time go?! I hope you are all enjoying your three day weekend (for those of you in the working world) and for everyone else – I hope you enjoyed the start of college football! I know R and I did! It’s hard to believe that this is my second year of Hawkeye football as an alumni and unfortunately knowing that I will not get to be on Melrose for the festivities. But, R and I already made a pact to go back for at least one home game next year, so I suppose that will have to do for now. We had QUITE the set up going on in order to get the game playing on our living room tv. We had to set up the iPad and have it playing the game, set up the Apple TV and then air play it. Don’t ask how this was done, because I just sat back and waited for it to be working – but it all came together pretty well! Obviously (for anyone who watched the Iowa game) it was a close game and a tough loss, but I think we had ourselves a pretty good first game. I will admit that it was strange watching the entire game (pretty much) with just a water bottle in my hand…. and I won’t lie, after the triathlon I think we will be indulging in some brewskis on game day.

ANYWAY – onto our meals! On Friday, I sat for a while trying to look up some new recipes as I was getting bored with all the ones we had tried so far. You know, craving a little excitement! So I was looking through my bookmarked sites and stumbled back across I Don’t Go to the Gym. These girls have some DELICIOUS looking recipes and while most of them are not technically paleo, it is easy enough to change a few ingredients or steps and BAM – paleo approved dinner for two!

I was in the mood for some fresh (as in ingredients) recipes so I settled on Balsamic Chicken w/ Strawberry Salsa on Saturday night and then tonight we made Teriyaki Chicken w/ Pineapple Salsa Lettuce Wraps. MMM MMM MMM – that’s all I have to say. SO freaking good. If you try one recipe from this entire blog, try one of these  – or at least check out the website and try something else, I’m telling ya it’s worth it!

image-76Balsamic Chicken w/ Strawberry Salsa

Just go ahead and click the link – I don’t want to make it seem AT ALL like I came up with this recipe. It was allllll from the site. But let me tell you, while the ingredients in the salsa may not seem like they would be complimented by balsamic vinegar…THEY ARE. And just an FYI – this recipe is actually paleo, so no adjustments even had to be made!

Teriyaki Chicken w/ Pineapple Salsa

Now, this recipe I just had to make one change – I didn’t use any teriyaki sauce and instead I just seasoned the chicken with Mrs. Dash Chipotle Lime seasoning. I really liked the kick it gave the chicken! But feel free to get creative and use whatever spices you want! I also used an Anaheim pepper instead of a jalapeño, they are a little more mild but still added a nice crunch to the salsa. Just a side note – I had never used fresh ginger before and I LOVED it. We chopped up a sweet potato and roasted it in the oven tossed with some olive oil.

photo-6We are BEYOND stuffed…but we bought some Sun Butter the other day (peanut butter consistency but made out of sunflower seeds) and decided we should make a little “after dinner treat”.  We sliced a banana, spread the sun butter on it and threw it in the freezer. Refreshing snack that is NOT processed? I’ll take it!

Tomorrow we are doing leftovers of the teriyaki chicken/pineapple lettuce wraps (there was SO much) but I have some great recipes planned for next week so stay tuned!


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