Whole30 Wrap Up

Well it’s done… our Whole30 (which actually lasted for 55 days) is over. WE DID IT!

Accomplished doesn’t even begin to describe how I am feeling. But I will say, that I am more motivated than ever to continue this lifestyle. My health is something that I have taken for granted the past 23 years and as I sit here preparing to tell you about the transformation I have made in the past two months, I realize that I never want to be at the place that I was again. Now, don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed my time of eating with no abandon and drinking like it was going out of style. Let’s be serious, I more than enjoyed myself – I had the time of my life. Looking back, I wouldn’t trade those memories (or sometimes, lack there of) for anything – but I think I have come to a point where that is not what I want my life to be about. I don’t need to eat an entire bag of chips because… HELLO, there will always be another day when I can have a few. I don’t need to see how many beers I can throw back at a tailgate because I HATE being hung over. Will I indulge myself in a bowl of queso and a basket of chips every now and then? OF COURSE! (I am already planning a visit to my favorite Mexican Restaurant for when I am back in DSM in October.) Will I go out with friends and enjoy one too many drinks? OF COURSE! But the question becomes now – do I need to do that EVERY weekend? No, I don’t.

For the past two months, I can honestly say that I did not cheat on our meal plans once. That is something I have NEVER been able to say for any diet I have ever tried in the past. I think the reason I bought into this lifestyle so much was because I could actually feel that I was fueling my body with what it needed. I wasn’t depriving myself of food in general, like I had so many times before. I was eating until I was full and I was eating DELICIOUS food – yet I was still seeing the results.

I am proud to say that I have lost a total of 20 pounds since August 1st. This was a number that I had hoped for, but did not know if it was truly possible. Being active while focusing on our new eating plan was, I believe, a huge part of my success. But I want to stress again that I was not doing any crazy workouts – I was doing at least an hour of physical activity 5-6 days a week, but this included walking, running, work out classes…basically whatever I felt like doing besides just sitting on the couch. I will tell you though, there were days when I just wanted to sit on the couch – and you know what, once in a while that is exactly what I did. I don’t want to be a person who is neuoritc about going to the gym or what food they are eating. I want to enjoy my life and the includes the things I am doing AND the things I am eating. Food is just way too big a part of my life for me to act as though it doesn’t matter. Any person who has ever spent time with me knows I LOVE FOOD. That’s it. That’s the end of it. But now I see that loving food isn’t the enemy like I used to think – it’s loving food that DOES NOT HELP YOUR BODY FEEL BETTER OR WORK TO ITS POTENTIAL. I have so many things I want to do in my life and the thought of not being able to do them because of my health is something that I am not willing to accept.

Last year I came to the tough realization that my weight had gotten borderline out of control. What was once a few pounds here and there had added up and I was not the same person I had been a few years back. Now I don’t mean to sound melodramatic with that – but the fact is, there was never one year for me where I gained a bunch of weight. It was a gradual increase and that was something that was easy to overlook. Buy some looser shirts here, stock up on leggings there…it never truly effected me. I avoided a scale because I knew that seeing a number would make it too real. Then in January, I finally stepped on a scale (I curse and thank my roommate for buying one) and I was distraught by what I saw. I had never seen a number that high and I knew at that moment something had to be done. The first week of February I started working out at Kosama – a kickboxing/body transformation gym. I made a lot of progress with the help of their coaches and changed my diet to very limited complex carbs and focused on fruits/veggies and chicken. By June when I moved out to Portland I had lost 20 pounds. The move to Portland and then our trip to NJ set me back a bit and I ended up gaining back 5 of those 20 lbs, but I knew that was likely to happen and I was ready to get back on my game.

My goal was to hit 155 lbs by the time we went back home in October and I am so happy to say that I hit that goal 3 weeks early! (Making my total weight loss 35 lbs since February) Here is a picture of me a year ago when I first moved out to Arizona and a picture of me from today. I never in a million years thought I would be at the place where I was confident enough to post a picture like this – but this isn’t about me, this is about seeing that changes like this are able to happen. I know I needed some motivation before I started the Whole30 and I hope, if nothing else that this blog is able to do that for someone reading it. It takes work and I am not sitting here saying that it was always easy, because it wasn’t. But what makes continuing easy is knowing that I have made a huge impact on my future by bettering my health.

photo 1-6Don’t worry though, our journey isn’t over – R and I both are still working hard to get to our final goals. I plan on using the blog, as I mentioned previously, to continue sharing our recipes, successes and struggles. Even if no one reads this, the blog has helped me stay honest and that is something that I want to keep up.

So here’s to better health and knowing that if you want to make a change you can. Start with small steps and I PROMISE you will see the difference.


6 thoughts on “Whole30 Wrap Up

  1. Shauna, I am soooo proud of you. Realizing you aren’t what/where/who you want to be can be tough, but being willing to take the BRAVE step to do something about it isn’t easy. There is usually some doubt and fear (of failure) that holds most back. Look at you! Posting 1/2 naked self-ies on the world-wide-web!!!! That is MAJOR! Ross, proud of you too. Nice job on the Tri, who is ready for an Ironman? Anyone, anyone? Ha. You guys are great! Hugs from Iowa. And, try to stir up Jojo’s blue blanket. Laughing!

    • Thanks for your sweet words, Cindy! I was quite anxious as I pressed “post” for that particular photo – but I am glad I did because I really am proud of what I have been able to accomplish 🙂 Ross actually started training for a marathon THE DAY AFTER THE TRI. He is nutty – but it’s keeping me going too! I will be doing a 5k on the 20th and Ross is going to do the half marathon that day as well. I will definitely be posting about that! Speaking of red head’s I love… I should have sent Jojo a blanket for his birthday!!!! Miss you all so much!

  2. Hi Shaun!! I’m just catching up on your blog looking for some good recipes, so proud of you! This is so cheesy of me but you are such an inspiration! You look fab girlfriend! Miss you!

    • You just made my day! Seriously though, that means a lot so thank you! Hope you were able to find some recipes – if you are ever looking for something specific let me know because there are a TON of blogs that I follow that have the best recipes. Miss you so much – you should plan a trip out to Portland! 🙂 Talk to you soon xoxo

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