Pumpkin Season

Hello, Hello!

I am kicking myself for not posting this recipe sooner – but now that we are almost to the weekend again (hump day in a few hours – hallelujah!!!!!) maybe you will get the chance to try it out! Anyway, last weekend R and I made a batch of Paleo Pumpkin pancakes. And if you have been craving pumpkin like I have since the weather started to cool down and the leaves began changing colors…well you’re in luck because these babies do the trick! (Trick being curb your pumpkin cravings) These were easy to make and it was a nice change of pace from eggs for us.

Per usual, our eyes became bigger than our stomachs and we decided we needed to QUADRUPLE the recipe. I am going to save us some embarrassment and explain that the recipe said it made 4 pancakes – we were thinking that we could just make 4 for each of us for both Saturday and Sunday at once. What we came to find was that our batter turned out VERY almond buttery (not necessarily a bad thing), and we had SO much extra batter. In conclusion – next time we will not be doing that, haha. I may even add a bit more pumpkin than almond butter to see how they turn out that way! (Crazy, I know!!!!)

This recipe was found via Pinterest (did you figure out that I like Pinterest yet?) and it is from Courtney’s Craftin & Cookin. I had never been to her site before, but I have already bookmarked it because not only does she have some great Paleo recipes, she also has the cutest crafts. (Currently I am diggin’ her Halloween mason jars – too great.) Back to the recipe, it only calls for a few ingredients and all you have to do is mix them together and start the cooking!

Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes

photo-15We ate ours with some turkey sausage (disclaimer – we did not eat all of those sausages in the pan, most of them…but not all) and splurged on some all-natural maple syrup. Technically speaking, 100% natural maple syrup is considered paleo – so it really isn’t cheating, but not something we want to be eating on the regular. (It is also pretty expensive to buy anything ALL natural I am learning…) Can’t wait to make these again!

Off to bed, only one more day between me and IOWA!


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