Living Solo

Last week I was left all by my lonesome. R had some meetings for work in DSM (where his company is headquartered) and it happened to work out that the meetings were scheduled the week that we were already going home for our friend’s wedding. So anyway, R left on Monday and I spent the week seeing what it would be like to live by myself. (Wasn’t TOO bad, but I missed R and having him listen to all my stupid nonsense all day…lucky him!) I think the hardest part of my week was figuring out how I was going to eat the random things we had left in the fridge/freezer – no worries there though, I managed it!

I made a few different things and ate them for lunch and dinner throughout the week. Simple recipes (because I didn’t feel like making insane creations for just me to enjoy) that were quick and painless, especially important because I was working this week as well.
photo 1-10
#1: Chicken Sausage Bake
This is one we have done before, but we are always adding and swapping out ingredients so that we can avoid a trip to the store (and not be wasteful and use the things we have!). This time I used a yellow pepper, green pepper, sweet potato and chicken sausage. The key to this one is chopping the sweet potatoes a little smaller than the other things because they take a bit longer to cook. It wasdelicious and even better the next day!

photo 3-8

#2: Stir Fry
Another repeat recipe – but one that can be changed by using different veggies. I took the simplest route possible and used a bag of frozen veggies, chicken and a can of pineapple. Threw in some coconut amines and a little bit of almond butter…DONE-ZO!

I want to pause a minute and discuss two things that are so extremely frustrating to me, both of which I happened to experience on Tuesday. I was out running some errands to make sure I had everything ready to go for my flight on Thursday (speaking of, I am sitting at the gate waiting for my flight right now…all hail airport wifi!) and I had a few clothing items I wanted to get. I had two specifics in mind: maroon skinny jeans and an army green jacket. I see both of those items literally everywhere on Pinterest and in magazines, so I thought it would be a good time to find some. UMMMM NOPE!!! Literally not ONE store I went to had either item. I mean don’t worry, I found other things to buy…but my annoyance comes from the fact that it never fails, anytime that I KNOW what I want to purchase those items miraculously disappear from any clothing racks. The search for the maroon pants and the jacket continues… Item number two, which coincidentally happened WHILE experiencing number one, PICKING THE ONE DYSFUNCTIONAL CART. Can we just take one for the team Target and take the cart out of commission? I usually don’t even realize it isn’t working correctly until I am at the point of no return (meaning: I am too lazy to walk back to the front of the store). So I suffered through it, painfully, while perusing through the racks of overpriced Target clothing. Talk about a bummer. Do either of these things really urk you? Is there something else on your most annoying list? Do tell so that I don’t feel like an irrational freak.

Now that I have completed that rant…our weekend in DSM was FANTASTIC. So many wonderful faces of friends and family, so many things to celebrate, and SO MUCH food and alcohol. (That last one was more like a negative as the weekend went on…) To say we went a little “balls to the walls” this weekend would be an understatement…but I would not take back a minute of it. You don’t realize how much you miss something that you haven’t had in awhile until you get a taste of it (turned out to be the case with both hanging out with friends/family AND scratch cupcakes…oops!) We were supposed to head back to Portland this morning, but as luck would have it our flight was cancelled so we won’t be getting back until tomorrow. No harm, no foul – another night with the parents is just what the doctor ordered for my sore throat!
Before I forget…Check out the in-flight snacks I brought along on the trip! I checked the ingredients carefully on both things to make sure that they were paleo approved. The Larabars were delish and while the pineapple was pretty sweet, it had a nice crunch to it too!
photo 2-10
This week is BACK TO BUSINESS for R and I though – but I am not going to promise too many intriguing recipes. With our return delayed, I am not sure how much extra time I will have to get creative. We have a race coming up this weekend though (perfect timing…) so running and HEALTHY meals are on the agenda.

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