Orange Chicken (Crock Pot Recipe – surprise surprise!)

As I mentioned in previous posts – I am WAY behind on sharing my recent recipes. I think the culprit for this is that I have just been making TOO MANY AWESOME NEW MEALS! (Yes, that is me tooting my own horn) We have been on a kick lately of trying some different things out in the kitchen and I am not hating it. I am also trying to be more regular with my posts (for all my fans – HA HA.) so having some great recipes to share helps.

Have you caught onto the fact yet that I love cooking things in a crock pot? If you haven’t, this must be the first post you’re reading. (And in that case, WELCOME!) But for anyone who has read really even just one post knows I’ve got a thing for the ol’ crock pot. This recipe was originally supposed to be made with chicken thighs – but (per usual) we only had chicken breasts in the freezer. The end product looks a bit different, but it was still SUPER tasty. I am planning on purchasing chicken thighs (bone in) from Costco on my next trip though – they are cheaper than chicken breasts – so I will definitely be trying this again with the proper ingredients just for kicks!

Alright, let’s get the recipe train moving! Obviously we have established my crock pot love, so when I found the My Paleo CrockPot blog I was ecstatic – to say the least. You may remember this blog from the stuffed acorn squash recipe and mark my words…you will be seeing more recipes from Sarah again.

As I mentioned, my meal did not end up looking like the one in the blog – but I like to put my own spin on things, ya know? Also, a little recipe tidbit…I would suggest actually grating the ginger (as suggested) otherwise you might bite into a full piece of it thinking it is chicken. Not that I know from experience or anything…

Orange Chicken – Crock Pot


  • Used red pepper flakes instead of red chili paste
  • Used apple cider vinegar instead of rice vinegar (which is “technically” not paleo, or so I’ve read)
  • Cooked the chicken for probably about 9-10 hours (one of the days we forgot about it when we were working…) this was definitely too long for the chicken and it was a little drier than I would have liked – go with what the recipe says

I was able to make this marinade in about 6 and 1/2 minutes AND it was at 5 in the morning so I was slower than usual. My point…QUICK prep time.

photo 3-13 photo 2-16 photo 1-16



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